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Equipment Total: Offset: 19   Bindery: 1  
Pre-Press: 3   Misc: Diecutters, Slitters, etc: 10  

All offers Subject to Prior Sale.

Ref #: Brand Model Year Size Colors Impressions Description Sales Price
O222 Heidelberg SM74-8-P+L 2000 52 x 74 cm 8 150 mil mil 2000 Heidelberg SM74 -8P+LX – 20” X 29” - Eight Color With Tower Coater and Convertible Perfector 4/4. EQUIPPED WITH: CP2000 Press Center, Tower Coater and extended delivery, Presets, AutoPlate -Plate Changers, Automatic Wash devices, Chrome Blanket Cylinders, Alcolor Vario Dampening, Central Combined Recirculator and Chiller, Perfecting jackets, IR Dryer System, Powder Sprayer Unit, Exhaust System, Coater pump, Antistatic, Air supply, Approximate Impression Count 150 Mil Inquire  €
O223 Heidelberg CD102-6+LX 2008 28x40/41 (72 x 102 cm) 6 155 mil mil 2008 Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102-6+LX
Sheet Size: 720x1020, CP2000, Alcolor Dampening, Autoplate, Preset Plus Feeder, Preset Delivery, Auto Ink Roller Wash, Auto Blanket Wash, Auto Impression Cylinder Wash, Dedicated Coating Unit With Chambered Doctor Blade, IR Dryer (Heidelberg), Dry Spray, Impressions: c. 155 million
Inquire  €
O229 Heidelberg SM102-S-P 1989 28x40/41 (72 x 102 cm) 6 145 mil mil 1989 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102SP - Six Color, 28 x 40 inch, CPC 1.03 Press Console, CPTronics, Alcolor dampening, Automatic blanket and roller washers, Convertible perfector 2/4 or 6/0, Baldwin R&R, Grafix powder spray, Approximately c. 145 million impressions Very Good Condition Inquire  €
O221 Heidelberg SM74 -6P+L 1999 52 x 74 cm 6 105 mil mil 1999 Heidelberg SM74 -6P+L – 20” X 29” Six Color With Tower Coater and Convertible Perfector 4/2

Equipped with: CP1.04 Press Center / Tower Coater with coater pump system / Automatic Blanket Wash / Automatic Impression Cylinder Wash /Automatic Ink Roller Wash /Chrome Blanket Cylinders /Alcolor Vario Dampening / Technotrans Combined Refrigerated Recirculator and Chiller / AutoPlate -Plate Changers / Convertible Perfector 4/2 / Heidelberg Register System / Non-Stop Delivery / IR Dryer System with IR and Hot Air Knives / Steel Plate in Delivery with Ramp / Powder Sprayer Unit / Exhaust System / Steel Plate in Feeder with Ramp / Sidelay Control /Antistatic / Air supply. Approximate Impression Count 105 mil.
Inquire  €
O232 Heidelberg CD102-5+LX 2009 28x40/41 (72 x 102 cm) 5 210 mil mil 2009 Heidelberg CD102-5+LX Five Color 40” with Coater and extended delivery. Equipped with: Prinect Press Center Control Desk with 19 inch TFT touch screen and Wall screen, Preset Plus Feeder, Preset Plus Delivery with Extension, Dedicated Coating Unit With Chambered Doctor Blade, IR Dryer (Heidelberg), Autoplate - Plate Changing Devices, Alcolor Vario Dampening, Automatic Blanket and Impression Cylinder Wash Up Devices, Ultrasonic Double Sheet Control, Air Supply Cabinet, Weko AP500 Powder Spray, Technotrans combination device CombiStar CAN watercooled for dampening solution and ink temperature control with AlcoSmart, - Located in North America - Very Good Condition, Under Power and available for inspection or test. 192,500  €
O234 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM52-2 2004 14x20 (36x52 cm) 2 20 mil mil 2004 Heidelberg SM52 -2 Two Color - CPtronic Plus version, Integrated Press Console, PRESET (automatic size setting), Semi Auto Plate Changers - Autoplate, Automatic Blankets wash-up device - Wash device for impression cylinders - Ink-rollers wash device managed from console, powder spray, IR Dryer, Baldwin cooling unit - plate punch and bender. 15,000 IPH, 14 x 20 inch size/ Approximately 20 million impressions. Under Power available for testing. Priced for quick sale Inquire  €
O235 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 102-5P+L 2007 28x40/41 (72 x 102 cm) 5 110 mil mil 2007 Heidelberg SM102-5P+L Five Color with Tower Coater and delivery, CP2000 Press control console, Axis Control – Color Management system, Preset Plus Feeder with Anti-static air supply and Pile Plate with Ramp, AutoPlate, Alcolor Vario Dampening, Program controlled wash up devices, Blanket wash up devices, Impression cylinder wash up, Automatic Ink Roller Washup, Inking Unit Temperature Control, Air Cooled Technotrans Combi Device for solution circulation & cooling with Alcosmart, Convertible Perfector 2/3, Chromed Plate Cylinder/ Chromed Blanket Cylinder,Coating pump system for coater, Air Supply Cabinet, Drystar 3000 –IR Dryer, Powder Star AP 500 Spray Powder Device, Appox. 110MM impressions. Located in the USA - Very Good Condition, damage free, Under Power and available for inspection or test. Priced to sell. Inquire  €
O236 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74-5 1998 20x26-28 (51 x 72 cm) 5 52 mil mil 1998 Heidelberg Speedmaster 74 5P - Five color, Perfector, CPC 1.04 Press console, remote Ink control from console, CP Tronics, Autoplate Plate Changing, Auto roller wash up, Auto blanket wash up, Alcolor dampening, Chrome cylinders, Preset, Grafix Powder Spray, Grafix IR, 20” X 29”, Perfector 2/3, LOW IMPRESSIONS - 52 mm impressions Inquire  €
O237 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74-6P+L 1999 20x26-28 (51 x 72 cm) 6 110 mil mil 1999 Heidelberg Speedmaster 74-6P+L - Six Color with Tower Coater and Perfector. CPC 1.04 Press console, remote Ink control from console, CP Tronics, Autoplate - Plate changing, Auto Roller Wash Up, Auto Blanket Wash, Alcolor Dampening, Tower Coater, Dedicated Coater Pump, Presets, Refrigerated Recirculators, Grafix Powder Spray, Grafix IR, 20” X 29”, Perfector 2/4, - 110 mm impressions. Inquire  €
O238 Heidelberg Speedmaster CD102-8+LX 1996 28x40/41 (72 x 102 cm) 8 185 mil mil 1996 Heidelberg CD102-8+LX - Eight Color with Coater and extended delivery/ CPC1.04 Press control console / Presets – feeder, delivery, paper size and thickness / AutoPlate – Plate Changing Devices Program controlled wash up devices / Blanket wash / Impression cylinder wash /Automatic Ink Roller Wash / Inking Unit Temperature Control, / Air Cooled Technotrans Combi Device for solution circulation & cooling with Alcosmart / Chromed Triple Sized Impression Cylinder /Chromed Plate Cylinder/ Chromed Blanket Cylinder / Tower Coating for Aqueous coating, / IR Dryer / Coating Pump system /Air Supply Cabinet / Powder Spray Device *This press has been professionally cleaned and tested, good condition. C 185MM impressions Inquire  €
O240 Heidelberg SM102-6P+L 2005 28x40/41 (72 x 102 cm) 6 mil 2005 Heidelberg SM102-6P+L 28x40" Six Color Perfector /Coater Inquire  €
O239 KBA / Planeta 130 -2P 2007 na 2 mil 2007 KBA 130 -2P, 51 inch - Two Color Perfector 1/1 Inquire  €
O241 KBA / Planeta 104 – 8P+L 1998 28x40/41 (72 x 102 cm) 8 mil 1998 KBA 104 – 8P+L Eight Color Perfector / Coater Inquire  €
O242 KBA / Planeta 130 -2P 2002 na 2 mil 2002 KBA 130 -2P, 51 inch - Two Color Perfector 1/1 Inquire  €
O226 Ryobi 755XL 2006 na 5 120 mil mil 2006 RYOBI 755XL - UV - Sheet Size - 31 x 23.5"

Equipped with: • RYOBI PCS-H Printing Control System • RYOBI Program Inking (via PCS-H) • RYOBI-matic Continuous Dampening System • XL Extended Delivery • RYOBI Coater • Harris & Bruno DUO Anilox Coating System for UV and Aqueous Coating • Eltosch UV & Hot Air/IR Dryer (2 lamps inner deck and 2 lamps in delivery) • Suction Tape Feeder Board • Pull Side Guide Preset System • Sheet Size and Impression Preset System • Front Lay Micro Adjustment Device (manual) • RYOBI Semi-Automatic Plate Changer • Plate Register Remote Control Device • Double Sheet Detectors • Skewed Paper Detector • Front Lay Paper Stopper • OK Monitor • Includes All Standard Accessories, Software, Tools and Manuals • Nonstop Feeder with Steel Plate • Automatic Ink Roller Cleaner • Print Density System - PDS-E • Approx. 120 Million Impressions

Large Format Sheet Size - 31.02 x 23.62" Excellent Condition.
Inquire  €
O224 Sakurai 466+CX 2006 na 6 90 mil mil USED 2006 Sakurai 466+CX with Coater and Extended delivery - 20 x 26 inch Four color + Coater format, Harris & Bruno anilox coater with chambered doctor blade, Extended delivery, CIP 3/4 for closed-loop scanning and preset ink control, Paper presets, Semi-automatic plate changing, Baldwin Impact blanket washers, Automatic roller washers, Graphic IR dryer with hot air knives, Appox. 90MM Impressions EXCELLENT CONDITION, AVAILABLE FOR INSPECTION OR PRINT TEST. Inquire  €
O225 Sakurai 575SD+CX 2012 na 5 40 mil mil USED 2012 Sakurai 575SD+CX - 24 x 29 inch Five-color + Coater and extended delivery, Harris & Bruno anilox coater, Olivermatic dampening, Semi Automatic Plate Changers, Automatic blanket & roller washers, Royse R&R, Powder spray, IR Dryer, Appox. 40MM Impressions Inquire  €

Ref #: Brand Model Year In Production? Description Sales Price
B112 Polar 137N Polar 54 2013 Yes 2013 Polar 54" Cutting System with POLAR 137N HIGH SPEED CUTTER, "Autotrim" automatic waste removal. Robotic "Auto Turn" sheet handling turning and alignment gripper, Jogger with air removal and transomat unloading. Excellent Condition!! Fully automated cutting system for high volume cutting. Inquire  €

Ref #: Brand Model Year In Production? Description Sales Price
P55 Agfa Avalon LF XT CTP 2007 Yes CTP - AGFA AVALON LF XT - YEAR 2007.
Apogee program - Bacher punch - 2 cassettes.
Max plate size: 1160 x 940 mm
Min plate size: 304 x 370 mm
Plate thickness 0,15 - 0,3 mm
Thermo plates - Capacity 27 P/H
Life time laser: 30.000 hours
14,500  €
P57 Fuji Fuji Dart 4300 Plate setter 2010 Yes Used 2010 Fuji Dart 4300 Plate setter, manufactured by Screen, 32-channel multi-exposure system, enabling an output of 21 four-page plates per hour at 2,400 dpi. Equipped with Auto Plate Feeder with 3 feeder trays, internal inline punch, Approximately 5200 hours on the lasers. Under Power in use, also included is the processor. Plate-size ranges from 12.75x 14 9/16" to 32 21/32x26" (4-page + format) Excellent Condition. Inquire  €
P58 Fuji Javelin 8600S 2007 Yes 2007 Javelin 8600S Fuji/Screen CTP. 64-channel light source and high speed rotating drum, provides output up to 22 plates per hour at 2400 dpi. Plate Size: Max: 45.7” x 37” / Min: 12” x 14 9/16”. Exposure time 4100 hours. Inquire  €

Misc: Diecutters, Slitters, etc
Ref #: Brand Model Year In Production? Description Sales Price
M13 Bobst DOMINO 90 FOLDER GLUER 1990 Yes Year 1990
Max. size 900 mm
Max. speed 450 m/min
Straight line boxes
Crash-lock bottom

Machine delivered totally overhauled
Inquire  €
M14 Bobst PCR 930 1971 Yes General refurbishment in 2005
Max width 93 cm
Pre-folding unit,
1 disc gluing unit
APC system 4 nozzle glue points
Crash lock bottom
Delivery conveyor
Machine in production, test possible, available immediately.
More photos and video on request.
26,500  €
M10 Bobst SP-104 E 2003 Yes max size 1040*740 mm
min size -400*350 mm
max speed 8500s/h
max thickness of corrugated cardboard 4 mm
Make your offer
275,000  €
M18 Bobst SP 102 E II 1997 Yes Automatic diecutter with stripping unit
equipped with 2 plates and 2 frames
Max. Size: 720 x 1020 mm
Min. Size: 400 x 350 mm
Max. Speed: 7.500 Sheets /h
Max. Thickness: 2000 g/m²
Min. Thickness 80-90 g/m²
Machine can be inspected in production by appointment.
147,500  €
M19 Bobst 102CER II 1995 Yes 1995 Bobst 102CER II Platen Die cutter Inquire  €
M15 Kolbus EMP 40 1980 Yes casing
size max: 270x365x80 mm
size min: 100x100x6 mm
speed: 40/Min
with case bender DBA
checked & cleaned
38,950  €
M16 n/a Tec Lighting XtraCoat Offline UV Coater 2013 Yes 2013 The Tec Lighting XtraCoat Offline UV Coating system. Like New - with Pile feeder, chamber doctor blade application. The system incorporates both IR and UV lamps in the curing process. The 3 lamp IR section will help flow out UV coating and dry water based coatings when running the aqueous process. The design of the UV lamp reflector guarantees maximum light output at lower operating voltages. Heavy duty - 18" wide 17,500  €

As with most dealers, we sell a combination of machines that we own, machines listed from printing companies and select dealers within our network. Buyers may be asked to sign and return a Non-Circumvention agreement prior to inspection of any equipment. Any deposits paid are always returned to the buyer if the sale for any reason does not conclude. Machinery is sold as-is, where-is unless otherwise stated in the invoice. Please allow ample time for dismantling and loading. If unsure about anything, simply call or email to inform yourself.

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